The interesting writer’s apartment

My neighbor is a well established writer and she once called me to her place for a lunch date. Skeptical as I was, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse and till this date I’m glad I did not. Living in the apartment opposite to mine, this lady had converted a normal home like mine into a marvelous library cum office space. Such refurbishments were done around the apartment that I was truly awe-struck. With changes to the living and dining areas and the bedrooms, even the kitchen was not spared and designed beautifully to serve her needs.


Upon entering, the first thing that I noticed was that the apartment, one of the apartments for rent in Baton Rouge, like mine, was a haven for the book lover. The living room had shelves in every corner and wall, set beautifully against the color of the walls – purple. The sofas even had storage underneath it, and books came out of there too. On one corner of the room there was a large floor to ceiling bookcase, with all latest and old titles, and a reading chair beside it. Enough light was pouring in from the windows during day time and hence lights weren’t required. The walls above the sofas were fixed with horizontal bookcases, filled till the end. Near the dining area, there was a office table with a lamp and laptop, ready to start work on. Even the kitchen was not far behind in stacking up books, under the table counter.


Everything about this apartment was breathing books and the air itself was very fresh and mind opening. With cozy settings in the form of rungs and carpets all around the apartment, the book lover was surely in for a treat. There was an office area for working in the dining area, with all stationary and devices ready to be used. The dining table in itself was surrounded by high bookshelves from three corners, an innovative interior setting for individuals. Interesting wall art in the library areas of the apartment will add to the zest of knowledge. People have tried to place wall art in the form of written text / messages, to promote reading and on a personal note, to provide inspiration.


Lighting is what makes all the difference in a cozily set apartment and sharp apartments. Reading lights for the reading chair and dim or soft lights for the area are recommended. Everything in its place, it can be safely concluded that a home could be easily turned into a full fledged library, with only a few changes and alterations around the house. Good lighting, comfortable reading chairs and well set bookshelves are all that a book lover would require to create an environment to please himself.