The beautiful apartment on the first floor

A friend was once interested in checking one of the apartments for rent in Baton Rouge, and decided to take a visit. Sure she was in for a surprise due to many reasons. For starters, it was situated on the first floor of a twenty floor building, and second, because considering the floor, there were stunning views from the balcony. Normally, it is a given that whether buildings have apartments with balconies or not, the top most floor will most definitely have it. The same was expected here, but it seemed the whole structure had some different rules. With a balcony only on the first floor of the tall building, the friend was surely very lucky to catch it vacant at that moment.


There are several advantages and disadvantages of renting an apartment on the first floor. Firstly, in the advent of a breakdown in the elevators, it is easy to walk down one flight of stairs. During shifting, this stands as the most beneficial factor for the shifters, as large and bulky furniture could be easily carried down the stairs. Also, if there are elders in the family, it stands as a positive about the apartment, considering the fact that it would be a good form of exercise. Waiting time is nil in this case, as there is no requirement to wait for the lifts. Everything in its place, this particular apartment also has the advantage of a huge balcony, which would serve as their mini garden, and sun bathing place. Another advantage is that during summers when the sun is at its peak, the apartment will be cooler than the top most apartments, as it is only on the first floor. If there are kids in the family, there needn’t be any worries about foot sounds due to all the running, as there would be no residents on the ground floor of the building. Safety against fire hazards is also an important fact for consideration, as individuals can quickly exit the building without any delays.


Besides all these advantages of first floor living, there stand a number of disadvantages for the same. Firstly, even though there are no neighbors under you, there are several above you. One could constantly hear footsteps, children noises, music and television etc, at all times. Second, the lack of daylight could cause gloominess within and this would have to be improved with some inner refurbishments. This could be brought about by using better lighting and colors around the apartment. Another disadvantage is the scary proximity to the street. This would bring with it lots of undesirable sounds and dusty furniture. The friend was lucky to have good beach views from the window, but that happens only in rare cases. More often than not, there are no views at all from the first floor apartment.