How would a typical musician’s apartment look like?

A friend who is currently a well established musician lives in an apartment that resembles a full fledged orchestra setting. At the entrance, there are two sets of tabla placed on either sides of the door. Moving ahead there are the drum set and the equalizer and woofer, and the bedroom is a music studio. With full fledged music control systems and the heavy sound proof door, this is where he practices the greater part of the day.


Music is such an integral part of his life that there is practically nothing much he does or thinks of during the day except music. Consequently, the setting of the apartment, which is one of the apartments for rent in Baton Rouge, is such that it complements his mood and mindset. He has instruments ranging from the Asian sitar and tabla sets to the electric guitar and cello. With proper soundproofing around the apartment, he comfortably plays loud music, and the neighbors do not even come to know.


One of the most challenging tasks for this individual is handling the neighbors. Living in an apartment building with a passion for music is quite an issue, considering the walls and the floor of the home cannot block that much music. Consequently, he has invested in an integrated soundproofing system that helps block out the sounds from the system and avoids disturbing the neighbors. Though it comes with a cost, with the barriers placed in all the walls of the apartment, it is totally worth it.


Besides tampering the walls and floor and ceiling of the apartment, even the doors and windows require proper protection. The outer frame of the windows should have a good rubber / silicone work, and it must stay locked the whole day. This helps block out unwanted street sounds and helps keep the sounds inside the home. It is a well known fact that one layer of soundproofing can reduce sound transmission by as much as 30 decibels. A vacuum between the walls of the apartment and an artificial wall will block out about 90% of sounds creating a calmer environment for you to enjoy and relax.


Even when all these measures are well placed around the apartment, it cannot be confirmed that all sound will be blocked 100%. After placing these measures, it would be a good idea to talk to the neighbors about the presence of the music system and the resulting sound levels. They could be comfortable accepting the sound if they knew there will be sound coming into heir homes. All in place, an apartment cannot get livelier than a music system playing loud beautiful music all day. Taking into consideration the odd timings and taking care of all disturbances causing hours, one could easily listen to loud music after proper soundproofing.