How To Screen Tenants For Vinings GA Apartments

Do you own some Vinings GA apartments for rent? Are you looking for the best way to screen potential tenants? At this day and age, you can’t rent your house to anyone who applies for the vacancy without doing a proper screening. Use these tips to screen tenants for your Vinings GA apartments successfully.

• Every potential tenant should fill a rental application. You can either use a regular template online or create a specialized one based on what you find. The template should have everything you need to know about the potential tenant. Check the form to make sure the applicant has filled everything before running the next screening test.

• Run a credit check to find out the credit history of the tenant as far back as a decade if possible. Additionally, it’s a great way to find out the tenants’ current financial histories. For instance, if the tenant is in too much debt, he/she might have a hard time keeping up with the monthly rental payments.

• Run a background search on the potential tenant to find out if they have a history of evictions, criminal record or any legal battles. If the tenant is currently involved in a legal battle with the previous landlord, it’s a red flag that you should not ignore.

• Talk to the previous landlords to find out if the tenant has any debt, a history of late payments, whether the tenant caused major damage in the rental unit, whether he/she disrupted the neighbors, whether you should rent an apartment to the tenant or not and much more. You can request the tenant to fill the details of the former landlords in the rental application form.

• Also, you can contact the tenant’s employer to find out whether he/she has a steady source of income before signing the lease to avoid late payments in the future.