A dollhouse décor for the apartment

There are just a few easy steps to follow if the teenage girl in you wants a traditional colorful dollhouse apartment, just like the one she played with while still younger. A little refurbishment of the colors in one of the apartments for rent in Baton Rouge could change the look and feel of the apartment completely.


Of the changes that are required to be done to give the apartment a clean, fresh and colorful look, the first is a change in the wall color and curtains. Changing the colors of the walls in the home, with each wall or room having different colors, will really give a spruced up look and freshness to the apartment. A dollhouse would normally have bright shades of pink and yellow, and as such, the living room should be painted a shade of yellow for the brightest resemblance. Next, pillow covers should be made brighter and bland. One color covers are the trend at present. Single colored pillow covers and sofa covers will brighten the room. Another method to give the apartment a teenage/child look is to arrange the furniture in a minimalistic manner. This means filling the corners and leaving lots of empty space or nothing in between.


White adds calm and cleanliness to the picture, so adding white colored chairs and tables or the TV cupboard, or the kitchen counter, will give the neutral and bland look to the apartment. Dollhouses are all about detailing and giving this detailed microscopic touch to the real life apartment will go a long way in resembling it to your favorite dollhouse structure. Mostly, there are little touches of tiny placements around the rooms, like a vase on the windowsill, a jug of water on the dining table, and miniature cars in the garage.


Maintaining the light around the apartment and giving it an airy feel by way of open windows and less furniture will give it an aesthetic appeal and at the same time also be as inviting as it could be. Wallpapers also add a beautiful touch to this setting. Patterned wallpaper on one wall of the room could add the different dollhouse feel to the apartment.


The most important factor that will make the apartment a complete dollhouse is the element of cleanliness. Dollhouses are perfect in that manner, such that there is never a misplaced item anywhere in the house. The same should apply to the real life apartment, with high standards of cleanliness and organization maintained. Every item of use should go back to where it came from, and nothing should be left astray or lying around in the home. Once this is achieved, the apartment will in itself be a dollhouse.